Pop It Plus

Pop It Plus is the online game that spiced things up and converted the Zen fidgeting toy of popping bubbles into a fun and challenging game!

The game will start easy enough for you to relax and get into the mood and find your own rhythm of bubble popping. Then things will start to get progressively harder so you can keep having fun instead of becoming bored with the repetitive motions. 

Each level will present a new challenge. It may be that you cannot drop the balls that suddenly appear after you pop a bubble or it might be a time trial!

Good players can easily reach level 8 and skillful ones can even make it to level 15 but only experts can make it higher. Are you one of them?


Mouse: right or left click to pop the bubbles.

Game developer:

Pop It Plus was developed by Murat Kyabishev.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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