Pixel Craft - Hide and Seek

Take the classic kids' game of hide and seek to a new level with the help of Minecraft in the online game Pixel Craft - Hide and Seek.

On your first turn, you can only play hide. Your goal is to escape the maze without being caught. Collect the boxes and build a bridge with them. The other players will try to do the same. If the seeker catches them, they get caged. Touch them to release them so they can continue helping you.

Once you complete level one, you can play as the seeker or hide. In the latter case, the goal will be different at every level. Pay attention to the maze and try to decipher what you are supposed to do before choosing an option.

If you choose to play as the seeker, you no longer get to see the other players. However, you can guess where they are when their steps show up or when you see things moving around in the maze. Try to cage them to prevent them from escaping!

Regardless of your role, don’t forget to collect diamonds from the maze if you can. You can use them to upgrade your skills or buy new skins for your character.


WASD or arrow keys: move

Game developer:

Pixel Craft - Hide and Seek was developed by Eccentric Games Studio.

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Last updated: Feb 05, 2024

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