Stickman Games

Stickman games require great skills and well-drawn strategies to make up for the lack of hands and feet. Are you up to the challenge?

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About Stickman games

Stickman is a distinctive and crudely drawn 2D character with relentless strength and courage. That is why he deserves his own category of online Stickman games!

No hands? No problem, he can still pick up a weapon and charge against his enemies with no second thoughts in games such as Stick Duel: The War or Stick Duel Battle. No feet? Again, no problem! Watch him jump the highest cliffs, climb the most treacherous walls and avoid deadly traps in games such as Vex 3.

Stickman online games are notoriously simple when it comes to gameplay and graphics, but they are by no means easy. Unless your skills and strategic reasoning are up to the challenge, defeat will catch you!

Are you a match for Stickman’s adventurous nature?


What are the best stickman games on Reludi?

  1. Draw and Save Stickman
  2. Stick Duel: The War
  3. Paper Fighter 3D
  4. Super Count Masters
  5. Stickman Temple Duel
  6. Vex 3

Which are the most recent stickman games on Reludi?

  2. Stickman Brawler
  3. Stickman Shooter Bros

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