Stick Hero

Stick Hero is a simple game of perception and skill. The premise is straightforward: help the little character cross the abysm to reach the next platform by controlling the size of its stick. 

The stick will work as a bridge, so be careful! If it is too long or too short, our character in need of help will fall. You must make sure that it lands right on top of the next platform so the small red square can cross safely.

Will you be the stick hero and save the little red square from a terrible fall? Play now Stick Hero online, for free, and find out how many platforms you can cross.

How to play Stick Hero online

To play our Stick Hero online you only need one control: either a click of your mouse or a tap of your finger. Long press to see the blue stick growing. Once you think it has the right length, release your finger. Your goal is to make the stick land on top of the following platform. 

Once you lift the finger, the stick falls down to work as a bridge for the red character. If all goes well, the red square will safely cross it and a new platform will appear. However, if the stick is so short that it does not reach the platform, or so long that crosses it over making the extremity fall over the abyss, the red square will fall down and you will lose.

Be careful! You cannot reduce the length of the stick, only increase it. You must control how long you keep your finger pressing down. If the stick becomes too long, there is nothing you can do.

Tips to win at Stick Hero

Measure the distance between platforms

Use your fingers to measure the distance standing between the red square and the platform. Then, while being careful to keep your fingers in place, turn your hand to switch that space vertically and place it above the red square. 

The space you gauged will work as a guide that will help you know how long the stick needs to be.


Practice makes perfect. The more you play Stick Hero online, the better you will be able to gauge the distance between the platforms without any help. It will also help you understand the growth speed of the stick and better control it so it does not become too long.

Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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