Stickman Super Hero

Embrace your inner Avenger and get ready for one of the strangest battles you will ever face!

In Stickman Super Hero the rule of the game is to kill and avoid being killed. Your goal is to win every fight to keep collecting all the Marvel characters and assemble the Avengers.

However, battles take up a strange shape in this free online game. You must float your character on the arena and try to hit your opponent until you knock him out. This is easier said than done because it can get pretty complicated to control your hero while he is floating on zero gravity and being thrown around by punches. As you progress in the game, the arenas will start to include deadly traps that can hurt both you and your opponent. 

Will you be able to collect all the Marvel characters and fill your album?


Touch or use the mouse cursor to move your character.

Game developer:

Stickman Super Hero was developed by

Also from Mineworld Horror, Wings Rush 2, Wings Rush

Last updated: Dec 23, 2022

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