Fighting Games

Whether you like martial arts and the beauty of killer moves or you want something rougher and with no rules, we got the perfect fighting games for you.

Classics become classics because of how good they are, so why not take a walk down memory lane and play with timeless characters like Ryu, Ken, or Chun-li in the game Pocket Fighter? Or forget about martial arts and get it rougher and more brutal in Street Fight 3D!

You can also engage in a battle of punches and kicks in Paper Fighter 3D or embody the greatest fighters of all time, including Goku and Iron Man, in the game Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel.

Want something more chaotic? Try Stickman Super Hero, a game in which you need to float your character while swinging your feet and fists hoping to hit your opponent. Or enter a race with no rules in Rude Races and beat up your opponents to make them crash and burn!

Whatever your fighting style, you will find a good match to put your fists to good use in this category of online fighting games.

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