Double StreetFight

Get ready for a fight with no rules other than trying to knock down your opponents with your almighty fists and kick in the online game Double Streetfight.

Despite its simple 3D graphics, this game is anything but easy. Head to the streets and expect to be surrounded by thugs in no time. They will always go for the most unfair fight possible, which means they will strive to keep you in the middle of them to make it harder for you to dodge their attacks. Never trust these thugs. 

Try to collect the oranges they drop when they are knocked out. You can use them to upgrade your characters with fancy outfits. 

Are you ready to fight?


Arrow keys: move
Z key: punch
Hold Z key: power punch
X key: kick / escape
C key: guard
V key: grab
Spacebar: jump

Game developer:

Double StreetFight was developed by BestCrazyGames.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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