Stick War Ninja Duel

Stick War Ninja Duel will take you to lands never before conquered in search of the path that will turn you into the ultimate ninja. 

Engage in deadly duels against other powerful ninjas to unlock new locations and adversaries. Use your earnings after each victory to improve your powers and your character's stats. You will need to become stronger each time if you want to have a chance at defeating the new enemies that are coming your way. 

Remember to always keep an eye on your energy levels. You wouldn’t let a gun run out of bullets in the middle of a shooting, so don’t let your character run out of energy and be at the mercy of your opponents.

Are you ready to become the ultimate ninja?


WASD: move
Spacebar: reload energy
G key: defend
R key: ball of fire
F key: sword
T key: super attack
L key: protection shield
K key: refill health bar
J key: boost the strength of the attacks

Game developer:

Stick War Ninja Duel was developed by Hihoy.

Also from Hihoy: Pill Soccer, Dunkers Fight 2P, Stick War: New Age

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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