Street Fight 3D

Clear the streets out of dangerous and violent thugs by beating them senseless in the online game Street Fight 3D!

Be the hero the world needs and get ready to knock all the dangerous thugs out of the dark alleys. Walk the night and prepare to punch and kick in all directions to beat your enemies. 

They are the lowest kind of thugs, which means they have no problem coming at you in groups instead of facing you in a one-on-one fight. Watch out for your surroundings and keep moving to avoid being trapped in all directions.

Remember to also destroy crates and fire pits to collect weapons and food to heal you. The weapons can only be used a certain amount of times before they disappear, so do not over-rely on them and get your fists ready!

Street Fight 3D is inspired by the classic video game Streets of Rage. For a version closer to the original thanks to its arcade graphics, try Streets Rage Fight.


Arrow keys: move
Spacebar: jump
Z key: punch / pick up weapon / use weapon
X key: kick
C key: defend

Game developer:

Street Fight 3D was developed by Tasty Cherry.

Last updated: Dec 29, 2022

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