What if you could force others to fight and defeat the most dangerous bosses while you simply stand by and watch? That’s the premise of, a fun game of trickery and skills.  

Move a black hole around to suck up all stickmen standing by. When the time is over, a big boss will appear and you get to regurgitate all the stickmen out of the hole to send them to fight. You have a time limit to “collect” as many fighters as possible. Stronger fighters are also bigger and unlikely to fit your black hole in the beginning, but the more stickmen you absorb the more accommodating you become. 

A 2-player mode is also available. In this mode, you and your friend will compete to trap as many stickmen as possible and then, when the time comes, you will send them to fight against each other to find the winner. 


Single-player mode
WASD or arrow keys: move

2-player mode
Player 1
WASD: move

Player 2
Arrow keys: move

Game developer: was developed by Byte Blasters.

Also from Byte Blasters: Stickman Shooter Bros

Last updated: Jun 11, 2024

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