Heroes of Mangara

The lands of Mangara are under attack and defending them has become a life-or-death situation. The people have called upon you to be their hero and save them with your amazing strategic and tactical skills and knowledge. 

Heroes of Mangara is a tower defense game that will take you on an epic journey of tactical battles and quick thinking. 

Defeat the enemies to earn rewards and be able to buy and build stronger defenses as well as hire skillful warriors, wizards, and witches. The elements are also on your side which means you can use fire, water, earth, and air to help with the defense against evil forces. 

Will you succeed in defending the lands of Mangara?


Tap or click to select and drag.

Game developer:

Heroes of Mangara was developed by NOXGAMES.

Also from NOXGAMES: Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown

Last updated: Mar 17, 2023

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