Empire: World War III

War is raging in the multiplayer game Empire: World War III and you have just become a General for the Mining Trade Federation. It is time to brush up on your best war tactics and brace yourself for the challenge ahead.

Build your base and upgrade it to an impenetrable stronghold where you keep your best weaponry. Then it’s time for action. Train your troops and command them into battle. Devise the best strategies to ensure minimum casualties on your side and maximum destruction to your enemies’ bases and troops.

Create an account and log in to enjoy all the game’s best features, including the option to save your progress, chat with other players and even create alliances with some.

What are you waiting for? Start playing now and get ready for action!


Click or tap to select and play.

Game developer:

Empire: World War III was developed by Goodgame Studios.

Also from Goodgame Studios: Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Big Farm

Last updated: Apr 03, 2024

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