Football Games

Alone or with your friends, get ready to challenge the most athletic side of yourself by showing off your best skills in these online football games.

Kick the ball with all your strength to make it fly and score a goal or run across the field, swerving and dodging opponents to get to the touchdown mark.

To test your kicking skills, you can try American Football Kick, for example. The challenging bit is not so much to get the ball through the posts but rather how precise you can be when doing it. The closer to the center the ball passes through, the more points you score.

Games of touchdown can be very different among themselves even if the ultimate goal is always the same. 

For instance, in Touchdown Rush you play as a 3D character that has to dodge defense players to keep running and reach the touchdown mark. In American Touchdown the goal is the same but the way to get to it could not be any more different.

If you are more of a tactical person, you can skip the athletic side of these football games and focus more on devising the best winning strategies in games such as Touch Drawn or Return Man Football.

What is your gaming style?

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