Bloo Kid 2

Bloo’s baby was kidnapped by monsters right in front of his eyes. As a good father, he immediately leapt into action and chased after the monster but now he needs your help.

In the online game Bloo Kid 2, you must help the distressed father cross the different worlds safely while chasing after the monsters that took his baby. Try to get all the badges for a perfect score: catch the balloon, get all the blue stars, get all the yellow stars, take down all the enemies, and beat the clock.

You can take down your enemies by jumping on their heads. Be careful not to be hit. You only have three lives before it’s game over.

If Bloo Kid seems familiar to you, with its arcade graphics, it’s because he is an unlucky fellow who had to save his girlfriend from the monsters once before. Check out Bloo Kid.


Side arrow keys: move
Up arrow key: jump/swim
Hold up arrow key: jump higher

Game developer:

Bloo Kid 2 was developed by winterworks.

Also from winterworks: Bloo Kid

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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