Bloo Kid

Bloo Kid is a 2D online game inspired by the retro graphics and gameplay of classics like Super Mario and Bubble Bobble, so get ready for a nostalgic journey that will take you through the Golden Age of arcade games. 

In this game, your sole goal is to rescue Bloo Kid’s girlfriend who was kidnapped by an evil wizard. To reach her, first Bloo needs to defeat all the enemies in his way and capture the stars that will teleport him to a different world.

You can suffer 5 hits before the game is over. Next to your energy levels, you can check the total of enemies that you need to defeat to pass the level. Pay close attention to this number to avoid being caught with your guard down. 

Will you defeat all the monsters and save Bloo Kid’s love?


Side arrow keys: move
Up arrow key: jump
Hold up arrow key: jump higher

Game developer:

Bloo Kid was developed by winterworks.

Also from winterworks: Bloo Kid 2

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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