Fire Girl and Water Boy: Candy Forest

Fire Girl and Water Boy: Candy Forest is a 2D puzzle game that will challenge your reflexes and thinking skills.

The game is loosely inspired by the popular franchise Fireboy & Wategirl games but has taken a life of its own. In this online game, you can choose to play in a single-player or two-player mode.

Your goal is to cross the platforms to reach the exiting doors. On your way there, you must collect the key to open them and try to get as much candy as you can to boost your score. To make it even more challenging, you must finish your mission before the time runs out!


Fire Girl
WASD: move
2x W key: jump higher

Water Boy
Arrow keys: move
2x Up arrow: jump higher

Game developer:

Fire Girl and Water Boy: Candy Forest was developed by FBK.

Also from FBK: Red and Green 2 Candy Forest, Green and Blue Cuteman 2, Blue and Red Impostor

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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