Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Feel the thrill of driving a cop’s car at full speed while serving the community in the online game Police Real Chase Car Simulator.

The city needs you and your driving skills. Get in the car and get ready to speed. You will have several missions across the city. Once you cross a mission’s portal, you can choose to undertake it or dismiss it. 

You will need to eventually take up missions and be successful at them to continue playing. Only by completing the tasks can you earn the money you need for fuel and to buy upgrades for your car.

Are you ready to start patrolling?


WASD or arrow keys: drive
F key: enter/exit car
R key: reset car
H key: siren
Esc key: pause/resume

Game developer:

Police Real Chase Car Simulator was developed by Driving games.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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