Drift Boss

Drift Boss is the perfect game for you to show off your drifting skills! Get to the finish line while drifting with style with your chosen car.

This online drift game took everyone by surprise with how simple it is to play and, yet, how challenging it is. With amazing arcade 3D graphics, the game comprises a car, coins, and a suspended road with a clear distaste for anything other than curves and sharp edges. Your goal is simply to keep driving and drifting to avoid falling down.

Interestingly, Drift Boss is controlled by one button and one button alone: the spacebar. Press and hold to drift to the right, and release to drift to the left. And that is it! Sounds easy, right?

Not so fast. If drifting was easy, being the Drift Boss would be meaningless.

Remember, if possible, to keep collecting coins to unlock new and extravagant cars to drive with even more style. Police car? Check. Ice cream truck? Check. Pokeball, pumpkin, train,... Tardis?? Check!

Do you have what it takes to be the best drifter? Let’s find out!

How can I play Drift Boss?

  • Go to Drift Boss on Reludi.
  • Touch or use the spacebar to drift.
  • Avoid falling off the edge of the road.

Where can I play Drift Boss?

Drift Boss is a free browser game that you can play online anywhere and anytime. It is also available for mobile, provided you open it using a mobile browser. 

Drift Boss is exclusively a web game, with no app.

Touch and release to control the drift on a touch screen or press and release the spacebar if you are playing with a keyboard.

Is Drift Boss an endless game?

Yes, there is no finish line or end to the suspended road. The goal is to keep driving and drifting for as long as possible to challenge your own record.

When was Drift Boss created?

Drift Boss was released in November 2019.


Hold spacebar:  Turn right

Release spacebar: Turn left

Game developer:

Drift Boss was developed by MarketJS.

Also from MarketJS: Santa Parkour, Cycling Hero, Blackjack Vegas 21

Last updated: Jan 27, 2023

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