Play Time: Horror Toy Store

Huggy Wuggies have taken up the darkness and descended upon you with the sole intent of killing you in the most brutal way in the online game Play Time - Toy Horror Store.

What was once a sweet and warm-looking toy store for kids has turned into the thing nightmares are made of. Despite the 3D graphics resembling those of the popular game Minecraft, the missions you will find in this game are not for the faint of heart.

You have 3 maps to explore and the missions will vary depending on the level you are at. They can range from simply surviving for a set amount of time, surviving by finding the exit door, rescuing people, or killing as many Huggy Wuggies as possible, among others. 

Will you accept this terrifying challenge?


WASD: move
Mouse: look around
Left mouse button: fire
Right mouse button: aim
F key: pick up objects / interact
Left shift: run
Left Ctrl: crouch
X key: prone
Spacebar: jump

Game developer:

Play Time: Horror Toy Store was developed by

Also from Wings Rush, Wings Rush 2, Stickman Super Hero

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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