Pixel Survive Western

Surviving in the Wild West is never easy when it comes to gathering resources to avoid starving to death or finding shelter from the scorching sun. But when you add to the mix evil wizards and monsters, things just get exponentially harder… and more fun!

After the success of Ultra Pixel Survive, comes the new adventure Pixel Survive Western. In this RPG game is goal is to build a life for yourself in the inhospitable desert by gathering resources and being crafty to build shelter and get food. Evil people are everywhere, and the desert is not an exception, which means you will also have to prepare for battle by building defenses and getting weapons. 

How long will you survive in this fun 2D game?


AD keys: move
Spacebar: jump
F key: dodge
E key: ability
1 - 2 - 3: change tool
Mouse: use to press the attack, dodge and ability button

Game developer:

Pixel Survive Western was developed by Gold Skull Studios.

Also from Gold Skull Studios: Hill Station Bus Simulator, Ultra Pixel Survive, Brave Adventure

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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