Baby Survival Challenge

If you were one of the unfortunate players in the TV series Squid Game, do you think you had any chance of being the winner? The online game Baby Survival Challenge will let you find out the answer. All you have to do is put your virtual life at risk trying to complete all the challenges.

The first challenge will be to cross a field to reach the killing baby. Walk when he is not watching and stand still when he surveys the players with his killing eyes. The next challenge will be to cut the cookie shape perfectly before time runs out. Then comes pulling the rope to make the other team plunge into its demise, jumping on falling floor tiles, and so on. All the major challenges from the series are here.

Will you be the last man standing in the end?


Click or tap to play.

Game developer:

Baby Survival Challenge was developed by goolgames.

Last updated: Apr 10, 2024

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