Words Match

Words Match is a fun word game that challenges your vocabulary, attention to detail, and strategic thinking.

For each level, you will see a board with seemingly random letters. Each letter has a score value associated with it, similar to games like Scrabble. Your goal is to find and highlight words on that board. There will be requirements, so pay attention to them. For example, you might need to find a certain number of words to complete the level or keep highlighting words until you reach the minimum score to move on.

The words you highlight are removed from the board, prompting the remaining letters to fall and new ones to appear on the top of the board. You will be receiving coins for your efforts, which you can later use to upgrade the letters and increase their value. 

Can you conquer all the levels in this word game?


Click or tap to select the letters.

Game developer:

Words Match was developed by Azerion.

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Last updated: Apr 16, 2024

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