Lode Retro Adventure

Lode Retro Adventure is a platform game that perfectly emulates the simplicity and challenges of early video games. Brace yourself for a nostalgic journey of excitement and cute 2D-pixel graphics.

In this online game, you will be playing as a swift ninja-wannabe who decided to break into a castle to steal all the golden coins. Unfortunately for him, the guards noticed someone had broken in and are now chasing him. Hurry up climbing up and down the ladders and using the hanging ropes to crawl your way to all the platforms to collect all the coins. 

If the ninja guards see you, they will actively chase after you, so be careful and try to lose them because you do not excel at fighting. In fact, the only “weapon” you have is a shovel that you can use to create temporary holes in the platforms to run away or make the guards fall.

Are you ready to steal and run?


WASD or arrow keys: move
Spacebar: dig hole

Game developer:

Lode Retro Adventure was developed by bestgames.com.

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Last updated: Mar 28, 2024

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