Follow Me

Follow Me is an online memory game inspired by the popular board game Simon, a favorite among kids and adults who compete to see who has the best memory.

Follow Me follows the same principle as the Simon memory game. The players will face four boxes of different colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. The computer will set the rhythm and will start pressing the boxes in a set order. The goal of the players is to repeat this order on their turn. Every time they do it right, the computer will play the sequence again adding one more box to it in the end.

As such, the sequence becomes longer the more the players get it right, which means they will have more boxes to memorize.

How far can your memory stretch to follow the computer’s sequence? Play Follow Me online, for free, and find out!

How to Play Follow Me online

Follow Me is a memory game. Once you double-click or tap on the screen the game begins right away. 

The computer will start by highlighting only one color box and pass the turn to you. Your goal is to press the same box.

The game works in a back-and-forth manner. Once you finish pressing the boxes, the computer will repeat the sequence and add one more box to it. On your turn, you must repeat the complete sequence each time. Each colored box has a sound associated with it to help you with the memorization process.

You will lose when you make a mistake and fail to repeat the sequence.

Warning! You cannot request the computer to repeat a sequence. If you failed to see which boxes were highlighted or if your mind goes blank and you can no longer remember the order to follow, there is nothing you can do but give it a go and try your luck.

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