Tower Building

Tower Building is a fun online game that challenges the player’s reflexes and reaction time. Build your way up to the top by stacking floors upon floors on your building. Forget about skyscrapers, the sky is too low for your ambition! Aim for the moon and keep stacking your building to create the tallest building ever seen!

While at it, do not forget to also raise your score. The less shaky your building is and the more aligned floor you manage to construct, the more points you get.

Play Tower Building online for free and become the best builder and stacking player in the world!

How to play Tower Building online

Tower Building is a stacking game. You start the game with a humble house ready to receive new floors to become the tallest building. The first floor is a given so you can start with a solid base. Then, a crane will swing the new floors above the building. 

Use your mouse to click anywhere on the screen to release the floor when you think it is in the right position. If you are playing on a touchscreen you can tap to do it.

Each new floor adds 25 points to your score, while a perfect drop gives you 50 points.

You can see your score in the top right corner of the screen. The number of floors you have built is displayed in the top left-side corner.

You have three lives. Each time the floor on your crane falls down or tumbles down the building you lose one life. The game ends when you no longer have more lives available.

Tips to win at Tower Building

Be patient

Time is not a constraint in this online Tower Building game. Therefore, there is no need to rush. Haste makes waste, and the quickest way to lose the game is by dropping the floors in a hurry. 

Take your time and let the crane swing as many times as you need to get a good sense of its speed. Only click to drop the floor when you feel confident. 

Aim for a perfect drop

There are two reasons why you should aim for a perfect drop in a game of Tower Building. The first is obviously the score. Perfect drops give you 50 points, while a regular (or in this particular case “unregular”) drop yields only 25 points.

The second reason is a strategic one. The more perfect the building is, the easier it will be to make it tall. Crooked floors make it harder to assess when to drop the next one. If you do it too close to the edge of the roof, the new floor will fall down and you lose one life.


This may seem like a silly tip to win at an online Tower Building game, but there is no escape from it. This is a game that challenges your reaction time. Even if you can perceive when the best moment to release the floor is, your finger needs to react quickly enough to grab that moment. 

Unfortunately, this combination of dexterity and reflexes can only be achieved through practice. Our online Tower Building game is free, so thankfully you can just keep playing and giving your best effort, without any worries. Soon enough you will notice how the all process becomes automatic and you will be clicking without even needing to think that you need to do it.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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