Tower Stack

Tower Stack is an exciting game of stacking with a fun twist: instead of getting progressively harder the more you advance in the game, the difficulty is directly proportional to how bad your skills are. The worst you play, the more difficult it gets, and there is no turning back from a mistake!

The premise of this Tower Stack online is simple: stack the 3D blocks to create the tallest tower. However, the next block is always the size of the last one on the tower. This is where the challenge resides. If a block is not correctly positioned, the parts that are off will be cut down. 

In practice, this means that the more mistakes you make, the smaller the surface on the top of the tower and the smaller the blocks generated, which in turn makes it even harder to make a perfect stack and build the tower.

Sounds interesting? Give it a go and play Tower Stack online, for free. 

How to play Tower Stack online

Click “Play” to start the game and begin stacking your tower. The base of the tower is fixed and does not move. Right above it, you will see a colorful block hovering over it. It will slide continuously until you drop it.

Click/tap anywhere on the screen or use the spacebar on your keyboard to release the block and begin stacking. Once you drop a block, another one will show up. The process is always the same.

However, the following block will have the same size as the top surface of the tower. If you misplace a block and parts of it are left hanging, these are cut off. As a result, the surface on the top of the tower will decrease, and the next block will also be smaller.

You lose the game if you fail to stack a block on the tower.

Tips to win at Tower Stack

Focus on one corner

It is easier to line up the blocks if you focus on one single corner instead of the full block or a long edge. Once the corner is aligned, quickly click down to drop it.

If you are playing on a touchscreen, the best corner to focus on is the upper left one to avoid having your hand on the way. If you are left-handed, the best one is the upper right one for the same reason.

For those playing with a mouse, their hand is never in the way. Just try to focus on different corners each time until you find the one that works best for you.

Keep your finger ready

For those playing on a touchscreen, it is best to keep the finger as close to the screen as possible to minimize any reaction time delay. Just be careful not to place it so close that you may accidentally tap on it out of time.

If you are playing with a mouse, you may want to try to play with the click already in place. By doing this you reduce the delay between the click and the response because you only need to lift your finger instead of clicking down.

Be patient

Tower Stack is not a timed game, so do not rush. Take your time to understand the rhythm of the hovering block and watch it move for a bit to assess its speed.

Once you believe the moment is right, just tap or click to drop it.

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