A sweet middle-aged man just saw the love of his life being kidnapped and locked in a puzzle-like maze, but he is not ready to give up. He will profess his love, even if he needs to beat all the traps in his way to save the woman of his dreams.

Homescapes is an online puzzle game. Your goal is to get to the loved lady who was kidnapped but to get there you u must solve a series of conundrums. Which doors should you open and in which order?

Try to get rid of the thieves and deadly dogs by opening the gates that separate them or try to lead them into the traps laid down for you. Think carefully or you will get into an impossible situation where death is certain. But do not waste too much time! Some traps are time-activated!

Will this love story have a happy ending? 

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Also from Merge Archer Defense, Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm, Snowboard Master 3D

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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