Your Silver Wife

Dazzle a cute anime girl and convince her to be your girlfriend in the clicking game Your Silver Wife.

Click nonstop to prove that you are serious about your relationship. Your goal is to increase the number of clicks that define your relationship. You will start as a mere fellow to this lovely girl, but as you keep clicking you can make her notice of you and eventually, she might become your friend, your girlfriend, and maybe your wife.

Persistence is key to making her fall for you, but you also need to be smart. Clicks are also converted into hearts. You can use these to increase your click rate, add automatic clicks, and increase the speed of your clicks.

As your relationship moves forward, you will unlock new scenarios.


Click or tap to increase the value of your relationship.

Game developer:

Your Silver Wife was developed by Merson.

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Last updated: Nov 24, 2023

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