Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon is an online game in which you get to experience what it feels like to own and manage your own airline.

Pick the airport you want to start your business in and get ready to become an entrepreneur. You will start small, with only one route, a small and slow plane, and cheap tickets. As your first earnings start coming in, you must invest. Spend money to earn money, as the big business gurus say!

Buy new planes and new routes and keep upgrading them to turn your airline into one of the most powerful in the world. Soon enough, new airports will be requesting that you fly your planes from there and revenue will be up the roof! But only if you are smart!


Click or tap to select and play.

Game developer:

Idle Airline Tycoon was developed by Fish Pond Studio.

Also from Fish Pond Studio: Word Duel

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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