Police Car Real Cop Simulator

Keep the good citizens of your city safe in the online game Police Car Real Cop Simulator! Patrol the cities on foot or in your car looking for trouble or even creating a little bit of trouble yourself.

You will receive missions from time to time. You can either accept them to try to win extra money, or decline them and continue doing your thing. As a police officer you get the authority to request other people’s cars and vehicles. If you see something you like, take it!

Have fun facing all the criminals and maintaining law and order.


WASD: move
Mouse: look around
Left mouse button: shoot/attack
Right mouse button: aim
Mouse scroll wheel: change weapon
F key: enter/exit vehicle
E key: start engine
Q key: accept phone calls
Spacebar: jump
Left shift key: run/nitro

Game developer:

Police Car Real Cop Simulator was developed by Driving games.

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Last updated: Feb 12, 2024

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