Papa's Pastaria

Papa Louie embraced his Italian heritage and has finally opened his first Papa’s Pastaria in the Venetian town of Portallini. 

You were on your way to a wedding in that town but destiny decided to trick you and now you will have to work at Papa’s to have room to stay in for the big day. What you never suspected was that this would become your chance to show off your best management and cooking skills!

Prepare delicious pasta dishes and surprise your Italian customers. Make sure the pasta is al dente or they will complain! Likewise, pay attention to the ingredients they want you to add to their pasta. One wrong ingredient and your tip will be cut short.

Do you feel up to the task?


Mouse left-click or touch to select and drag.

Game developer:

Papa's Pastaria was developed by Flipline Studios.

Also from Flipline Studios: Papa's Freezeria, Papa's Bakeria, Papa's Sushiria

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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