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MMO games, short for Massively Multiplayer Online games, are like virtual worlds where thousands of people play together at the same time. Imagine a giant online space filled with adventures, quests, and other players, and you can get a good sense of what this game genre is about.

What are MMO games?

MMO stands for  Massively Multiplayer Online. As the name suggests, one of its defining features is the presence of many real players playing at the same time in one single world. 

In them, you are bound to run into other people from all over, fighting monsters, exploring lands, or working together. It is like having a giant online community. On that note, these games must also have a chat system for players to interact. The social aspect is key to MMOs, and this interaction should be natural rather than forced. Instead of multiplayer chat rooms independent from the game itself, all interactions are in-game.

Choosing your character and being able to fully customize it is also another important aspect of these games as this thorough customization allows players to express their uniqueness and personality in the fantasy world they are in. Powerful wizards and fearless warriors are the most popular characters in these games, but some might also let you create your own hero. Besides, not all MMO games are set in a fantasy world inspired by the Middle Ages. The Household, for example, is a farming game set in a fairytale world.

Regardless of the world you are in, one thing is for certain: you will be able to enjoy endless adventures. You can explore vast landscapes, battle enemies, complete quests, and uncover hidden secrets. There is always something new to do. Besides, playing in the same world as other human-controlled characters brings a degree of unpredictability to the games that adds a fresh feeling to them every time you log in to play. 

What is the difference between MMO and MMORPG games?

Although there is a significant overlap between the two, all MMORPGs are MMO games but the opposite is not always true.
MMORPGs is the name given to MMO games that are also RPG games. In other words, they are online multiplayer games with a strong role-playing component and more structured means and mechanisms for socialization. 

MMOs can be anything from highly strategy games like Mafia Battle to puzzles like Fairyland Merge & Magic or even simulators, provided they are multiplayer, online, and all the players are based in the same world and can interact with each other.

MMORPGs add to this more character customization, including looks and skills. The world where the game takes place must also be a fantasy/fictional one, in the sense that it should not try to copy or simulate the present reality.

To sum up, MMO games come in all sorts of flavors. So, if you are looking for a game with endless possibilities and a vibrant community, start exploring this collection now!


What are the best mmo games on Reludi?

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Which are the most recent mmo games on Reludi?

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