Bombergirl is an exciting game inspired by the gameplay of the classic Bomberman currently owned by Konami. Unlike the latter which follows a story, Bombergirl is much more straightforward. The goal is to be the sole survivor of a battle with bombs. 

The game is available in two modes: single-player or multiplayer. 

Try to explode your adversary by trapping them down with your bombs or surprising them with an amazing explosion range. Some brick walls may hide power-ups that boost your speed, explosion range, or the number of bombs that you can drop. 

Game modes

Single player: Compete against 3 computer-controlled opponents. You must clear all your opponents to win.

Multiplayer: Play against a friend in a 2-player mode. The first to die loses the game. The other player wins automatically, even if the computer-controlled players are still around.

How to play Bombergirl

Drop bombs to explode brick walls and to try to hit your opponents. In the single-player mode, you must eliminate your computer-controlled opponents to win. In the multiplayer mode, your goal is to eliminate your friend to win.

The brick walls hide power-ups. Blast them to find these boosts:

Fire symbol - increases the range of your bombs
Bomb symbol - increases the number of bombs you can drop
Skate symbol - increases the speed of your avatar


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Tips to win at Bombergirl

Stay safe from ticking bombs

You can be eliminated by your own and your opponents' bombs. Therefore, try to steer clear of any bomb too close to you as quickly as possible and do not rely on their explosion time. One explosion can trigger other bombs close by. 

Likewise, you must be careful when dropping a chain of your own bombs. As soon as the first one you dropped explodes, the others will follow suit and you do not want to still be at the end of that chain when that happens.

Blast the bricks

Brick walls can hide useful power-ups that increase your chances of winning. The more bombs and explosion range you get, the easier it is to trap your opponent; and the more speed you have, the quicker you can run away from bombs.

Just be careful not to end up trapped between a wall and your own bomb.

Try to trap your opponents before all the walls come down

Once there are no more walls to explode, trapping your opponents becomes a game of cat and mouse. In this game, the one that collects the most power-ups has a clear advantage. 

Ideally, you should try to trap your opponents between a bomb and a wall when there are still some available. If you believe that to be impossible, then shift your focus to destroying the walls to collect as many power-ups as you can.

Target your friend

The multiplayer mode in Bombergirl works slightly differently from the single-player mode. In this case, the goal is not to be the sole survivor but to survive your friend. It is irrelevant if other AI players are still around or not. If your friend is eliminated, then you win.

Therefore, when playing in this mode, your focus should be on targeting your friend. Maybe even take advantage of bombs by AI players to create a deadly strategy. 


Player 1:
Arrow keys - move
Spacebar / Alt - drop bomb

Player 2:
W, A, S, D - move up, left, down, right
Shift - drop bomb

General controls:
Esc - menu
Enter - restart

Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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