Ringaroo is an online game that puts your motor skills and your eyes to the test in equal measure. 

The game itself is very simple. You will see a ball trapped within a ring divided into colorful sections. The ball keeps jumping on the lower part of the ring and changes color with each bounce.

Your goal is to rotate the circle to make sure that the lower section where the ball bounces is the same color as the ball itself.

Simple, right? Not so fast!

The game may start slowly but soon enough more colors will be added to the ring, making each section smaller to accommodate the new ones. You will need to have speedy reflexes to rotate the circle fast enough so you do not miss the right color. To make it even more complicated, some of the new colors will be very similar, which means you need to have a good eye to spot the nuances!

If the ball jumps on the wrong color, you lose!

How many jumps and points do you think you can get in this online game? Play Ringaroo for free and find out!

How to play Ringaroo online

You must have a keyboard to play this game.

Press enter to start. You will see a ball jumping inside a ring divided into two colors. The ball always hits the bottom part of the circle. 

Your goal is to rotate the ring using the left and right arrows on your keyboard, to make sure that the color of the ball and of the section where it bounces is the same. But be careful! The color of the ball changes after each jump.

As the game progresses, more colors will be added to the ring making each section of it smaller. This means that you will have to rotate the ring further and further as you continue.

Some of the colors will be very similar to each other and stand side by side, which makes the game harder.

Keep your eyes open and your fingers ready if you want to achieve a high score.


Enter - Start the game

Left arrow - Rotates the ring clockwise

Right arrow - Rotates de ring counterclockwise

Last updated: Jan 11, 2023

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