Nifty Hoopers

Are your clicking reflexes as quick as you think? And what about your basketball skills? With the online game Nifty Hoopers, you can find the answers!

Join a world tournament of basketball hoopers! Choose your national team and get your finger ready! The goal is to stop the pointer at the right moment when it is passing over the green mark. Hit it and the ball will flawlessly go through the hoop, miss it and you will certainly fail. 

When you have an opponent right in front of you, getting the ball straight into the hoop is complicated. The only solution is to confuse the opponent by pretending to throw the ball in one direction by stopping the pointer on blue and quickly throwing the ball when the pointer passes by green.

Will you be the ultimate champion in this tournament?


Click to stop the pointer.

Game developer:

Nifty Hoopers was developed by Physical Form.

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Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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