Katana Fruits

Katana Fruits will have you slicing fruit like there is no tomorrow! Chop all the fruits to earn points and achieve the highest score. The smaller the fruit, the harder it is to make a clean cut but give it your best. You can only miss up to three fruits before losing the game!

Katana Fruits is an online game inspired by the classic Fruit Ninja, but instead of a Ninja, you are now the Samurai of the fruits, holding the traditional sword of these warriors. The gameplay is similar between the two games, though.

You must slice the fruit that bounces on the screen to earn points, and avoid letting it fall without a scratch. To test your reflexes and how good of a warrior you are, bombs will sometimes also show up together with the fruit. Make sure not to slice them, or the explosion will eliminate you on the spot and end the game.

Play Katana Fruits and enjoy all the fun and challenging features of Fruit Ninja in this free online game.

How to play Katana Fruits online

Katana Fruits is a straightforward game. Your goal is simply to slice all the fruits shown on the screen to earn points. If you slice more than one fruit with a single move of your sword, you earn combo points.

Use your finger or move your mouse’s cursor in swiping moves to cut all the fruits. You can only fail to cut up to three pieces before you lose the game.

Bombs will also be unexpectedly thrown up together with the fruits. Make sure not to cut them or the explosion will end the game immediately.

Tips to win at Katana Fruits

Keep your swings short

This tip is valid both for Katana Fruits and Fruit Ninja. Although it makes for a much cooler move to swipe like a true warrior, it can be dangerous.

The game may start slowly, but soon enough it will pick up speed and you never know when one or more bombs will suddenly pop up on the screen. By keeping your swipes short you can better control the width of your cuts and target only the areas or fruits you want.

One Katana is good, but two are too much

If you are playing on a touchscreen, you are using your finger to mimic the swing of a katana. And soon enough, you will be wondering if using two fingers would not be much more efficient to get the much-wanted fruit combos. You will not be the first to think about it, nor will you be the first to realize how impractical it is. 

We know it sounds promising, but having two fingers on the screen tends to obscure part of it, making you miss the moment the fruits and bombs enter the game. 

Try playing upside down

This tip does not work for everybody, but you can still give it a go and check if it suits you. The idea behind it is that depending on the positions of your hands and how you are holding your device, part of the bottom of the screen may be obscured.

If you turn the device upside down you can always see the exact moment at which the fruits and bombs show up and brace yourself for them.

Be all eyes and ears

Being able to see the game screen without obstructions is important to avoid missing any fruits or bombs, but if possible, you should also play Katana Fruits or even Fruit Ninja with the sound on. 

That is because you can hear a gong indicating that something is about to bounce, even before you can see it. When you hear the sound you can brace yourself and be ready!

Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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