Yummy Candy Factory

It is time to create the most delicious candy kids and adults have ever tasted! Put on your apron, head to the kitchen-lab, and get ready to play Yummy Candy Factory.

In this online game, you are tasked with creating delicious fruit candy using all-natural ingredients. Pay attention to the recipe and don’t mess up! Make sure to match the fruits and the juice to prepare a sweet and colorful base for your candy. Then control the stove like a pro, adjusting the heat when needed and adding the ingredients at the right time. Once you are done, all you need to do is turn the candy syrup into sweet and cute shapes. 

Are you ready for this cooking adventure?


Tap or click to select the items and play.

Game developer:

Yummy Candy Factory was developed by iclickgames.

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Last updated: Oct 12, 2023

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