Slow Roads

Slow Roads is just like a soothing meditation session, except that you are playing an online game… and driving. 

Let your mind wander with this endless driving adventure. There are no missions, no time constraints, no milestones to achieve. Just pure driving. You can even customize the experience to the tiniest detail. For instance, you can customize the scenery (off-road or hilly field), the road complexity, the season of the year, the moment of the day (dawn, day, twilight, or night) or a time cycle to alternate between them while driving, and the weather (sunny, overcast). Finally, you can even choose if you want to drive a car, a bus or bike.

Once you feel that your driving conditions are perfect… just enjoy.


WASD or arrow keys: drive
R key: return to the road
C key: change camera
E key: change seasons
Q key: change the time of the day
P key: pause

Game developer:

Slow Roads was developed by anslo.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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